Should Outdoor Activities be Promoted at Young Age

There have been many discussions and healthy debate regarding topics like obesity and fatness and differences of conclusions have come forward. Yet the main issue is un noticed which one never realize is the fact that in whatever way we bring up the child it has critical role.


A child grown up in motivating and sporting environment would rather prefer to be fit and flexible to be engaged in sports for longer durations as compare to one who was never ever been developed in fondness of any sports or outdoor healthy activity. An environment is essential that should be understood especially by the parents of a child. Obesity is growing rapidly around the world and major population is being targeting to it especially in American continent.

Though the problem is not with the western continent but many Middle Eastern and Asian countries are going through the same scenario as kids have started showing more interest in technologies and sciences new invention such as smart phones and 3d high quality video games. It would not be wrong if we call it the other way like earlier televisions used to be huge and heavy and people used to be slim and smart meanwhile now its opposite as televisions are now coming in slim smart models like LCD and LED and not only kids but adults are gaining weight rapidly. Outdoor activities should be promoted not only at homes but at schools as well. And dietary guideline should also be followed, not really strict as kids should be allowed to eat what they like, but excess amount of junk food can turn really dangerous.

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