Most Popular Skateboarding Tricks


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Skateboarding broke the rules of the world with its unique entertainment on a board that thrill-seekers craved for a long time. And what skaters put up for every performance are their awesome tricks that branded the sport as an influential pastime on the streets. The following are the most popular skateboarding tricks that shaped the name of this sport.

  1. Ollie

Skaters first knew the Ollie trick as a beginner’s niche. You cannot start the real skateboarding without first mastering this skill. It shaped the skating community with its simple yet powerful showcase of agility and core. With the right timing, skaters pop their boards in the air like grasshoppers in the wild. And for Alan Gelfand, the Ollie brainchild, he would still remain its rightful master.

  1. Kickflip

The most coveted trick in the skating textbook is the kickflip. It bears the fingerprint of an Ollie, but with a twist. The skater’s foot flips the nose of the board in a 360-degree rotation while on air before finally catching it for a smooth landing. You can even snap a kickflip while standing for an easy crowd cheer.

  1. Nollie

Before the catapult of complex skateboard tricks, Nollie is the easily the brother of Ollie. But the former is a reverse version where the non-dominant foot lifts the board’s nose rather than the tail side. To master both Nollie and Ollie gives skaters a great run for more difficult tricks.

  1. 50-50 grinds

What better way to brag your skateboard tricks than through grinding. Different corners of the street can be places for grinding, that is why skaters are hustling the parks where rails, curbs and benches are easy spots. It gives the look of a pro skater once you start scratching those board trucks on metal corners and pipes. Kick off that adrenaline-filled ride with the nodes of your board rubbing for that sound of excitement.

  1. Boardslide

When the board is your companion, prepare to ride along down any rail or curb. Land sideways through your midboards on pipes and corners by sliding on them. This trick adds the flair of a parkour while you are cruising city parks and even national roads.

  1. Wallride

Skateboarding continues to gain momentum on the city streets as skaters elevate their flatgrounds with vertical walls. This ride is built on confidence as you come face-to-face with a hard wall. To Wallride, skaters gather a lot of speed for the ascend, until they fight it with gravity along the vicious wall. It can be dangerous because the fall can be unpredictable, but still it gives one hell of a thrill.

  1. McTwist

Certain skateboard tricks can bring the world upside down, quite literally. The McTwist trick changed the life of Mike McGill when the dedicated skater challenged himself on a half-pipe ramp in Sweden. The result: a 540-degree spin or 1 ½ turns trick that inspired every skater in the world. Now, this trick paved the way for McGill to be inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and it is legendary.