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Catered ski chalets are simply the best

April 22nd, 2014

The variety of skiing holidays now available currently is quite incredible. People have embraced skiing both as a sport and a recreational activity. The last few years have seen a massive increment of the number of people opting to have their holiday spent in the ski offering restaurants and hotels. This being the case, finding your own slice of snowy perfection should not be any daunting task.catered skichalets

A quick online search will overwhelm you with the numerous facilities you can choose from. These include hostels to bed and breakfast, ski-out resorts, self catering chalets and apartments, hotels and restaurants, enormous ski-ins among others. You will simply be spoilt for choice. This is a huge advantage when it comes to deciding where you would want to lay your weary bones and have a relaxing rest after long hard days of skiing.

Make sure to get the facility that fits your needs best. If you intend to tag your kids along with you for the vacation, be sure to include them in your plans. Let them speak out their mind on what they would want to do. This gives them a sense of belonging and helps them be comfortable all through. It wouldn’t be any fun having to do something they wouldn’t want to do given a better option. You will not only ruin their rare to find occasion but yours too.

If you are using catered ski chalet services for the first time, you will need first to get the resort right. This simply means evaluating what you will need to do and the availability of such a service in the particular resort you have set your eyes on.

The level of your skiing skills will always play a major part in every decision that you make. Catered ski chalets have their services well defined to accommodate all types of people ranging from beginners to advanced skiers. It is no shame to be in the beginner’s level as even the advanced skiers had to go through this stage.

Trying to assume that you can ski without having enough knowledge and skills can cause you great damage and sometimes this can be fatal leading to deaths or severe injuries. Always seek the help of a qualified professional. This way, you will grow bit by bit into the desired and envied professional level.

Skiing feels best when done in the slopes. This is because the slopes help in gaining the acceleration needed to give utmost fun. Ski chalets know this better and this is the main reason most of them will be located at a vantage point of any snow covered, steep terrain. Normally, these slopes will be covered by trees and other vegetation. This serves as the icing to the cake as meandering through the forests is the most memorable thing in skiing.

Skiing as a group brings along a unique kind of fun and enjoyment. You not only get to bond better but also pull out enjoyable games in the snow. This also helps you in pointing out your weak points and getting to learn something new from others.

Planning for a perfect ski chalet holiday

April 17th, 2014

Life can be too boring if you spend all your time working and handling all the hassles and bustles of life. You will definitely need to get some time alone or together with your family to rest and enjoy life. The beauty of working is that you will get all that which you need for an excellent holiday.holiday planning

When you need to go for a holiday either with your workmates or even with your family, it is important that you know exactly what services you will be looking for and get a package that includes them. The following article presents tips that you will find useful as you plan for your luxury ski chalets holiday. Keep on reading and you will benefit immensely.

The first tip is to establish the ski chalets of your choice. The large luxury ski chalets should incorporate at least 80 per cent of their bedrooms en-suite and many incorporate master suite. A luxurious ski chalet should also have a hot tub and a sauna and a spa. For larger chalets you will get the services of a massage and treatment rooms. They are as well built in a way that you have an excellent view as you relax in the hot tub.

You should consider the transportation of your family or your staffs as you plan your holiday. The company you are booking your holiday with should be in a position to make excellent travel arrangements be it private jets or even helicopters. The transport for your staff and security personnel should also be well taken care of. On arrival, return transfers to and from the airport as well as resort transfers should all be included.

The dinner for your holiday should be a minimum of four to six course evening meals for at least five nights with super selected wines provided by your private chef and server. They should as well offer you a breakfast of your choice; you should also expect an open bar with beer, spirits and soft drinks as well. In case you are puckish on the slopes, a top company will provide you with a ski snack pack.

Another tip for an excellent holiday is to have qualified ski chalet staff.  A dedicated staff will ensure that everything runs smoothly and they organize everything for you including you transport requirements to the very important ski lessons.

The company of your choice should as well offer some exiting extras like champagne in chalet Sophie Chamonix as these are the things that make the difference. On arrival, a welcome with champagne will be perfect with a luxury bath and a variety of body products all for you not to mention the fluffy dressing and slippers that you can snuggle up in and fresh fruit and flowers around the chalet.

This does not only present you with a perfect holiday but also with one that will remain to be memorable. Your family or staffs at work cannot stop thanking you at the end of the holiday.